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Client Engagement Manager

Consultant/ Principal Consultant

All our roles are based in Shanghai, China. Please do not apply if you are not already here (or at least based in China)

What to expect when working with us

Our scope of work with clients is usually very strategic and we get to do interesting work that has significant impact on our clients’ business.

We approach clients with an open mind, understand what they’re looking for and shape our solutions based on what they need rather than what we have. If we lack domain expertise in a specific industry, we go out and find someone from that industry to be an advisor to us and our clients.

We believe very strongly in doing what is right for the client, even if it doesn’t represent the most revenue or profit for us. This also means that for most clients, we’re coaching them in how to make good strategic choices rather than just recommending what those choices should be, with the intent that over time, the client internal teams can do more of this work and rely on us only for broad direction and as a sounding board.

We believe in flexibility and work-life balance. We believe in family, personal lives and healthy living. While we may have the occasional working weekend or late night at the office, for the most part we do get out of the office on time and have plenty of time for a life outside work.

We’re happy to work out a schedule that allows for remote / home-based work on a regular basis and can also accommodate flexible hours for those who need to look after a child or family member for parts of the day or just don’t want to work full-time.

That’s who we are – now tell us about yourself! Write to with the role you’re applying for in the subject line – or “Genius” in the subject line if you’re looking to explore / create a role for yourself that doesn’t exist at the moment.

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