Navigate Marketing Complexity in China

Nothing symbolizes the mystique of China as much as the terracotta warriors – a virtual army of statues buried along with Emperor Qin Shi Huang

China is a huge opportunity for brands, but it’s also a confusing, complex market with lots of pitfalls to navigate. It’s not just different players – Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent instead of Google, Amazon and Facebook – it’s vastly different dynamics and business models that drive a unique ecosystem.

We’re a team of experienced professionals from consulting, brand management and agencies. Each of our partners has a decade or more of China specific experience as well as considerable international exposure. We’re all bilingual in English and Chinese (in fact most of us speak 3 or more languages) and we live and work in China. Call on us if you need help navigating marketing challenges in China.

We demystify the market and diagnose your business challenges, work with you to define winning strategies and help to deploy them.

Our philosophy is to work alongside client teams rather than provide a recommendation and leave it to you thereafter. We consult, co-create and build capability.

Our 3 Step Process

Demystify & Diagnose

Give your team insights into aspects of China marketing that are most relevant to your business and help understand and diagnose the business challenges in this context

Define Strategies

Work with your team to find crucial information and insights. We conduct workshops to guide them through strategic decisions – marketing, branding and communication

Deploy Execution

We help identify key areas of execution and how to approach them. What to in-source or out-source, sourcing and selecting partners, evaluation and ongoing management

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